License and product version

Hi there!
We’ve started to get an exception on our production envirinment. Quick research showed us that we are using 3rd party dll aspose.words.dll v3.6 and it is the place where exception happens. :slight_smile:
I’ve googled the issue and found that it was fixed in aspose.words.dll v3.7 and later. I’ve also found a license file which says me that we can use your product upgrades up to 14 May 2007, which is version and less.
Question: Is it possible for us to use version v4.2.2.0 issued before 14 May 2007 which suits our license? And if it is, where could we get such old version of you product?

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Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words. Yes you can use this version in your application.
I attached 4.2.2 version here. Please let me know in case of any issues.
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It perfectly works on my machine. We’ll test that on QA environments, but looks like everything is fine. Thanks a lot.