License OEM developer

I have a developer OEM license, This license is used by our user to generate PDF with my Aspose application. This license expire this month. This exipered date neams that i must update the license file every year, or are there a soution to generate perpetual license for each user of my Aspose Application


Upgrading license every year is optional. Just for your information, when you purchase a license for a product, you are authorized to use this license file with any new (and upcoming (official versions)) versions, hot fixes or interim releases of the component(s) for the next whole year. Moreover, your license will never expire if you use your license with the product’s version/hot fix that should be released before your subscription expiry date. Please note, if you need to use a version of the product(s) which is released after your subscription expiry date, then you must upgrade your subscription. For more details about licensing, please do contact or post a query in Aspose.Purchase forum.

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