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License problem help

I have an application that generates PDF. My code is based on the demo applications included with aspose.pdf installation. Here's how I basically do it:

1. Using Aspose.Word (version , I generated and saved in a stream in AsposePDFFormat.

2. I load the stream in an XML document.

3. I bind/save the xml stream in PDF using Aspose.PDF (version

I get the following error when calling the save (document.Save function):

You tried to save in Aspose.Pdf.Xml format. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Enterprise Edition, but your license is for Professional Edition. Please contact Aspose to upgrade your license.

Aspose Word, Excel (aspose.custom) and Aspose.PDF are all Developer Edition licenses.

Also, is there an easy way to reach a person from Aspose? All I get is voice mail.


Hi Ronnie,

Sorry for your inconvenience we gave to you.

Please refer to Contact Sales! for update your license. You can direclty contact the sales department at

Best regards,

Sorry for not making it clear. The error message is thrown by Aspose.Words but not Aspose.Pdf. So you need to upgrade the license of Aspose.Words.