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Licensefile not working when using


I'm using 2005 in combination with Aspose.Words. I set the license file the same way I do with c#, but the demo messages keep appearing in the document. Must I do something extra to make the license file work correctly?


Please send me your test project. I will check what the problem is.

Best regards,

Hi Vladimir,

I include the Deplhi WinForm where the problem occurs. In line 629 the License is set. No error occurs, but the demo message does appear in the document. In c# an error occurs when the license file does not exist so it appears that the license is set correctly, but without the desired effect.


Based on your code I can give the following recommendations:

  • Try moving license activation code to the beginning of TWinForm.TWinForm_Load procedure.
  • Please set breakpoint there to verify that license activation code actually gets executed.

Best regards,

I tried putting the licensing further up in the code and then it seems to work. maybe some kind of timing issue.

Thanks for the effort.