Licensing an app Android and iOS

Hello, I am developing an app for Android and iOS. How do I include the temporary license of Aspose.Drawing in this app?


We do not provide Aspose.Drawing specifically for Android and iOS platforms, currently we only provide .NET version of the library. So, if you could use Aspose.Drawing for .NET in Android/iOS application via some means/platforms (e.g., Xamarin) by yourselves, you can do it. Also, see the document on Licensing to demonstrate on how to use or set license for Aspose.Drawing for your reference.

Thanks! I have Aspose.Drawing.Net.lic (temporary)

System.Drawing.AsposeDrawing.License license = new System.Drawing.AsposeDrawing.License();
FileStream myStream = new FileStream(“Aspose.Drawing.Net.lic”, FileMode.Open);

Exception by FileStream ‘File not found!’
I am working with VisualStudio2022


The error seems related to IO operation where your underlying file (with your mentioned name) was not found. Where you place the “Aspose.Drawing.Net.lic” file in your project as you are using relative path? Please make sure your are using the correct file name in code and the file exists in the specified path. Also, you may try to use absolute file path if it fixes your issue.

Hello. This is no Desktop-App. App for Telefon. ‘C:\users…’ not exists on Android or iOS.


For Android application, I think you may try to place the license file at any location on, e.g., /mnt/sdcard/ folder in the external storage directory. You can create a stream that references to the file. Then, pass the stream (containing the license file) into the SetLicense method. Forget about Aspose.Drawing and the license file. I would recommend you to kindly explore (you may google it) on how you could place and access any file in Android (external) storage directory or Android application’s internal resources (e.g., res/raw folder) for your complete reference.