Licensing question


I have a client that is going to purchase Aspose.Tasks and Aspose.Words. This is an internal app on their servers so they are currently accessing it by a url in this format: http:///

Will they need to use the fully qualified domain name in order for the licensing file to validate correctly?


You don’t need to use any domain names. Simply put license to the directory with your assembly
and use short name. The better way is add license to a resource of your app.


Forgive my ignorance but this isn't making sense to me. I had a client that purchased a license of Aspose.Word and Aspose.Project over a year ago. Their license file never worked on my internal server but did work once deployed to their live site. At the time, I was told (by someone internal to my company) that this was because the license file was dependent on the url and the reason it didn't work was that my internal url was hosted on a different domain that my client's live url.

Now, a year later, my client has a large customer that wants to host this on their own internal servers. I'm telling them they need to purchase a license for this since it will be hosted on a different server. But the sound of your post indicates that one license file will work anywhere. Is this correct?

Thank you.


Did they purchased license before January, 2005? Yes, if I’m not mistaken old licenses were dependent on host name.
New licenses don’t have such problem and can be used on different servers.