Licenze file not workling with old 20.4.0 version


I need to use Aspose.Barcode.NET in an old .Net core 2.2 app. We are installing the library from nuget and the version we have to install is 20.4.0 which is not working with our license file.

this is the error: Failed to set license. Details: Invalid license signature. Please make sure the license file was not modified.

It seems to me that ne new license file is not compatible with version 2.4. How can I overcome the problem?

Thank you


We improved licensing mechanism. So the new licenses might not work with older versions of Aspose.BarCode for .NET. So you may use your older license with the older version of Aspose.BarCode and newer license with the newer versions of the API.

I have purchased for the first time today thinking that license was backward compatible. So you are telling me this is not the case. Can you issue the license file with the old format also?


We do not recommend you to use older version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET. Please try latest version of the API with your new license, so you would be eligible to use recent and upcoming versions, fixes and avail all enhancements. Please note, if you find any issue or limitation with older versions of the API, you cannot get fixes or apply for enhancements in older versions. The fixes are based on latest APIs set only.

New licenses are signed with sha 256 and older licenses were signed with sha1. The older versions of Aspose.BarCode do not support sha256 signed licenses. In case, you still want to use older versions of the API, kindly contact our purchase team to get updated copy of your license to use with older product version.

Right now I cannot upgrade my app in order to satisfy all the dependencies that version 25.3 brings down.

Fortunately version 21.3 can be licensed with the new license format and I will try to use this version.


Alright, you may use 21.3 if it suits your needs.
Should you have further queries or comments, feel free to write us back.

I can give you advice about moving from older Aspose.Barcode version to newest 23.5. We replaced System.Drawing.Common to Aspose.Drawing.Common. Aspose.Drawing.Common provides the same API (works even on ARM) as System.Drawing but in different namespace Aspose.Drawing. In this way you can just replace namespace to Aspose.Drawing. In case of using .Net Framework and .Net Core in the same project you can add the following define

using Aspose.Drawing;
using System.Drawing;