LINQ Reporting Engine - Area chart - Need to show last category item value in chart as a marker/highlight

Using Aspose word (version:22.11) java, trying to generate Area chart which will show only the start and end date value at bottom with last last item value will be shown in different fashion (highlighted in yellow color) like attached image.

I tried to create a similar template using Microsoft-word and Aspose LinqEngine, but unable to create as mentioned in above attachment. Below attached is what i was able to achieve

So need your assistant to achieve the same.


Please note that LINQ Reporting Engine capabilities are restricted by MS Word capabilities. MS Word does not allow to show just starting and ending values for an axis. Nor does it allow to set a data marker for an area chart.

To make your chart look closer to what you describe, you can hide an x-axis for the chart in a template and then use textboxes over the chart to show only starting and ending axis values as described in this reply. The same approach can be used to imitate a data marker for an area chart.

yes, but how to take first and last value from dynamic data in textbox and same for the marker how do i will fetch the last value from data.

here we are using the the chart data as an JSON.


Please check first and last Enumeration Extension Methods. In textboxes, you can use expressions like <<[xvalues.first()]>> or <<[yvalues.last()]>>, where xvalues and yvalues stand for actual data as per your JSON file. See Outputting Expression Results for available options on formatting.

I am trying to generate a dynamic area chart using aspose word linq engine where I am using MS-word for creating the template where I need to generate a chart like below

where i am able to generate like above but only issue is line graph doesn’t get end at last values it continues till below (highlighted in yellow color in attached image). Need exact like above so need your suggestion for the same.


LINQ Reporting Engine uses data provided to it to fill a chart, the engine does not append any extra data on its own. Most likely, the issue is related to data you provide - please double check it to make sure that it contains only values related to the desired period. If this suggestion does not work, please provide your template, data, and code, so we could reproduce the issue on our end. Without these details, we are unable to tell you more.

Thanks for your prompt response, as you asked sharing the template and data.json with you. (24.8 KB)

Need the Chart as attached below specifically the line where it get ends highlighted in attached image. In my case line get drawn till bottom of line.
image.png (14.9 KB)


Unfortunately, MS Word does not provide a way to highlight chart series values the way you want, so there is no way to do it using LINQ Reporting Engine either.

In your template, there is an area chart, but it looks like a line chart (because it does not have a fill and has only borders). The line that you refer appears, because this is the way area chart borders are (properly) rendered. Switching to a line chart would remove the unwanted line in the end.