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LINQ Reporting Engine -build -inline produces different font when letter rendered

I am utilizing the following code to use template in template functionality within Word. However when letter produces the font is increased by one pixel. Is there any way to control the font from the inline request? Or is there a way to insure the fonts with template always produces the same font as the document it is being added to.

<<doc [template1] -build -inline>> (Note: template1 is just a number. Document and template font are set to Arial 11, however when renderer template1 displays as Arial 12)

@JohnannJ can you please post the complete code that you are using?


“If you do not agree with our findings and would like to dispute, please submit written dispute to the address listed below within <<doc [template1] -build -inline>>. Timely filing exceptions may apply.”


120 days

@JohnannJ sorry if I did not explain well, what I mean by code is the code you used to create the template and if possible the template file, also it would be helpful if you specify the version of Aspose.Words API you are using.

Hi Eduardo, we are using Aspose words 22.12. We are building the template in Word and using Aspose to dynamically replace elements (and insert templates with the <> tag) to produce a finished template with merged fields. All of our inner template insertions work, but we have noticed that it will not insert a font of Arial size 11. It makes it Arial size 12. Arial size 10 comes in correctly, but 11 is an issue. It actually looks like 11 is an issue across all fonts. It always goes back to 10. Do you know if there is a config setting or a known error that could be causing this?


Thanks for providing the details. Unfortunately, your scenario is still not clear enough. Sharing of your template document (as well as a problematic document being inserted) together with your sample code and data would be great, it would help us to understand the issue and provide further assistance.

Meanwhile, as far as formatting of a document being inserted dynamically is concerned, we would suggest you trying to use the sourceStyles switch as described at Inserting Documents Dynamically.