LINQ Reporting Engine - Merge table cells by condition

Hi Team, I am working on creating report by linq. I want to merge table cell based on condition. Like condition is if there is no data in 2nd cell, merge 1st and 2nd cell. How can I achieve it?

@manojdesai272 Please see our documentation to learn how to merge cells dynamically upon building the report:

@alexey.noskov We are having data source as follows

   ColumnName1 = "test1",
   ColumnName2 = "",
   SecondColumnUsed = false

So we want to merge cell based on SecondColumnUsed variable. Can we achieve it?


If there is no content in the second cell, the same content can be put to it as put to the first cell using tags like these: <<if [SecondColumnUsed]>><<[ColumnName2]>><<else>><<[ColumnName1]>><</if>>. Then, table cells can be merged in a usual way. For more information, please refer to the article mentioned by @alexey.noskov.