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LINQ Reporting Engine with Excel file

Currently I am using LINQ Reporting Engine to convert templates into actual word docx document output.
Is there any way I can use LINQ Reporting Engine with Excel as template.
This issue is NOT related to using dataset from excel into word template.
I want to create Excel templates and generated Excel as output by putting recordsets using .NET on runtime.

Is this possible with LINQ Reporting Engine?


If you download Aspose.Cells for .NET, you will see, it is compiled in many .NET Framework versions


.NET 2.0
.NET 3.5
.NET 4.0

Aspose.Cells for .NET - Download Section

If you are using LINQ, then you must use .NET 4.0 version. Let us know if this is the information you are seeking.

If you are seeking some other information, then please provide us some sample code, sample Excel file(s) or screenshots so that we could look into your issue more closely and precisely and help you out.

This question is NOT related to .NET LINQ functionality.
Its about LINQ Reporting Engine provided by Aspose for creating templates for Mail Merge Like functionality.

I want to use LINQ reporting engine for excel just like word format.


Aspose.Cells provides Smart Marker feature which might fulfill your requirements. Please visit Smart Marker article and evaluate it. Smart Markers are basically tags in your Excel file and you provide your Data Sources which could be Data Table, List, Variables and then Aspose.Cells automatically replaces the tags with real data.

AsposeExcelConsole1.zip (32.3 KB)

I tried to use Smart Marker feature with my excel template but it seems to be NOT working properly with my structured object in c#.net.
I have attached small console application which has input excel template and output excel too.
When I run this code, tags are not getting replaced with actual data.

Due to zip size issue, I have deleted binaries and package but project should build successfully.

Please check and reply accordingly.


Thanks for considering Aspose APIs.

Please spare us some time, we will look into this issue and update you asap.


We are afraid, only one level nested objects are supported by Smart Markers. If you have two or more level nested objects, it will not work.

Please see this document for your reference.