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List does not exist error

For Aspose.BarCode, I added it as a column in a list. I opened a new item in that list and can see the Barcode column. On the new item, I can enter in a Barcode Type ("Codabar") and the Barcode Text and save the item.

In the list view, I see the barcode displayed as a barcode image for that item.

When I open the item in EDIT mode, I see the Barcode Type ("Codabar") and the Barcode Text that I entered ("123456789").

However, when I open the item in VIEW mode, I see this in the Barcode column:

"Error: List does not exist

The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user."

This is on SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

Can you explain how to fix this?

Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.BarCode product.

Based on your query, I would like to share with you that I’m unable to reproduce the problem as you have mentioned. When I deleted a list, I can see this error message in both edit and view modes. Anyways, the Recycle Bin provides a safety net when deleting documents, list items, lists, folders and files. When you or site visitors delete any of these items from a Web site, the items are placed in the Recycle Bin. To recover a deleted list, I will suggest you to go through microsoft documentaion link here.

Please let me know for further assistance and comments.

I did not delete any list in that site or site collection. I simply added in the Aspose Barcode Column using the setup.exe on the SharePoint 2010 server, then went ot the site and added the column to a list.

When I look in the Recycle Bin for that site, there are no lists in there.

Is there anyway to get a better error description as to what list? What list does the Barcode column look for to display the info in Edit mode?

Thanks. We want to use this column, but cannot with this error.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for these details. Could you please list down the steps in details (with help of snpshots etc) by which I can reproduce this problem on my side because maybe I’m missing something. Also please share environment details i.e.

  • Are you accessing Share point from other machine using Client Object Model code?
  • Are you accessing the site over https or via http?
  • Operating system details i.e. Windows Server 2008 32/64 bits?

As I’ve told you in my previous post, I can see this message after deleting appropriate custom list. In addition, I can also avoid this error message by recovering it from recycle bin. During edit/view mode you can see appropriate custom list name. I’ve tinted list name in attached snapshot. In your case, I’ll suggest you to run system account with full permissions. On parallel, please take a look at this article.

I created a video to show you what is happening. Please view this 1:30 sec video to better understand the issue. Thank you.

(I am logged into SharePoint as an admin with Full Control.)


Hi Scott,

Thank you very much for your efforts to prepare this video link.

I have tested your scenario against the latest build of Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint v1.0.0. I regretfully inform you that with latest version, I can reproduce this problem. In my environment, I was unable to edit or view barcode column. The problem has been logged in our bug tracking system under ticket Id BARCODSHP-33147. We will soon investigate the cause. Also, you will be notified once the fix for your problem is available for public use.

Please accept our apologies for your inconvenience.

Any update on this fix? Thanks.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry to share with you that this issue is not yet resolved. This issue is pending for analysis. We have asked the responsible developer to take a look at your issue shortly. We will keep you informed and let you know once it is fixed.


It is now Feb. 20. Has there been any fix to this issue? We are looking to use this SharePoint web part. I hope your developers can find time to fix this soon, if not already.

Thank you.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your inquiry. It is to update you that we have planned to release new version of Aspose.Barcode for SharePoint 1.1 with fixes and improvements. If everything goes by plan, we’ll be able to provide you a fix at the end of March 2013.

Hi Scott,

It is to update you that the Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint 1.1.0 has been released. Could you please try the latest version and let know how it goes on your side? You can download it from here: