Lists.CreateCustomList Out.doc doesn't work after pressing Enter key


I use the sample code from:
o build a document with custom list.

But the doc file “Lists.CreateCustomList Out.doc” this demo generates has a problem that when I press the Enter key in the list(especially the list with number format=“\uf0af” A bullet that looks like a start), current paragraph’s bullet will disappear.

The version of my MSWord is 2007, and I use the latest java Aspose word(Oct. 30).


Hi Anne,

Thanks for your inquiry. I generated Lists.CreateCustomList Out.doc by using the code mentioned in the link you provided on my side. I am afraid, I am unable to locate any problem in there. Could you please attach here a screen shot which shows the problem you’re facing?

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Thank you for your quick response!

The attached attachment contains screen shot to illustrate the problem. I hope it helps.

Thanks again!

Thank you for additional information. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. Even with the document you attached. Bullets are properly displayed after Enter.
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