Load and Conversion PSD file contains vertical text layer to Jpg

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On PSD Viewer Demo (View PSD, PSB or AI | products.aspose.com) when upload my psd file contains vertical text layer, It show vertical text layer correctly but

When Download PSD Viewer source (https://github.com/aspose-psd/Aspose.PSD-for-.NET/tree/master/Demos/src/Aspose.PSD.Live.Demos.UI) demo on my machine then run it and upload my file then it vertical text render as horizontal text layer

The Aspose.PSD team is working on the vertical text.You can track the status of task using this ID - PSDNET-692: Support of vertical text direction.

At this moment you can use PSD ReadOnlyMode

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PSDNET-692) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by yaroslav.lisovskyi