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Load from several models into same Scene?

I would like to load from many OBJ files into the same Scene in Aspose 3D DLL, and then exporting the merged, total model out to a single GLTF. Is this possible? From what I can see, the only way to import geometry is with the Open method, and it seems to reset the scene when called.

Havard Sande

We have logged a feature request to add support of merging 3D scenes under the ticket ID THREEDNET-301 in our issue tracking system. We have linked your post to this ticket and will keep you informed regarding any available updates.


In reference to the linked ticket ID THREEDNET-301, you can merge scenes by attaching the nodes in the root node of sub scene to the new scene instance. Please try the following help topic:


Scene scene = new Scene(@"skybox.obj"); 
Scene subScene = new Scene(@"r2d2.obj"); 
//Merge the scene 
foreach (var node in subScene.RootNode.ChildNodes.ToArray()) 
//Save the merged scene 
scene.Save("output.fbx", FileFormat.FBX7400ASCII);

PS: the ticket ID THREEDNET-301 has been closed.