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Load() Method


I have seen that there is method in Aspose.Email.Mail.MailMessage class named as Load(). Now Load() method can be called by 6 ways which is actually a combination of “Calling through Stream Object” and “Calling through some file name”.

I am pretty much interested in calling Load() method through “Stream object”.

What kind of stream it accepts ?

I am working at Transport layer of Microsoft Exchange environment. So
when ever any user sends a mail through Outlook it goes through Exchange
Server and first hit at Transport Layer. Now at Transport Layer I got
the mail in the form of “Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.MailItem”. Through this MailItem class and by using mailItem.GetMimeReadStream(), I can get Mime stream of the mail that user has send.

So my question here is can I pass the stream got from mailItem.GetMimeReadStream() to the MailMessage.Load() function ?


Hi Atul,

Please check your other thread in Aspose.Network forum, this question has been answered by my colleague.