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Load PDF into Aspose.Words using .NET

I’ve faced an issue while using Aspose.Words product described below.
And will be extremely grateful for any assistance.

Issue description

The problem revealed when I have tried to load the PDF document using a MemoryStream created from byte array. When I am calling new Document(memoryStream); it throws the exception below.

It works fine with docx documents or with same PDF and FileStream. But I am using Aspose.Words in the web app and I do want to avoid any interaction with a file system.


  Message=The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded.
   at Aspose.Words.Document.(Stream , LoadOptions )
   at Aspose.Words.Document.(Stream , LoadOptions )
   at Aspose.Words.Document..ctor(Stream stream, LoadOptions loadOptions)
   at Aspose.Words.Document..ctor(Stream stream)
   at CompareDocs.AsposeTest.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\Users\Serhii_Iordanov\source\repos\CompareDocs\CompareDocs.Aspose\Program.cs:line 24

  This exception was originally thrown at this call stack:
	Aspose.Words.Document.(System.IO.Stream, Aspose.Words.LoadOptions)

Inner Exception 1:
ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a closed Stream.

Code examples

byte[] documentBytes;

using (var fileStream = new FileStream("new.pdf", FileMode.Open))
    documentBytes = new byte[fileStream.Length];
    fileStream.Read(documentBytes, 0, (int)fileStream.Length);

using (var memoryStream = new MemoryStream(documentBytes))
    var document = new Document(memoryStream); // <- an exception goes here

Additional information

Aspose.Words version: 20.3.0
Execution environment: .NET Core 3.1, Windows
Tested on different valid PDF files


Please note that Aspose.Words does not import PDF file into its DOM. Please check the supported document formats by Aspose.Words from here:
Supported Document Formats

You can use Aspose.PDF to load PDF file into Document class and perform document processing tasks.

Please let us know if you have any more queries.

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Thank you for the quick response!

Yeap, I see that PDF is not included into the file types that can be loaded by Aspose.Words.
But I am a bit confused then with a fact that I can load it using the FileStream. Is it just partialy supported?


Aspose.Words does not import PDF into its DOM. Please use Aspose.PDF for your requirement.

Aspose.PDF.Document doesn’t contain the Compare method that I am trying to use in Aspose.Words.
Do you by any chance know, whether there is any way to compare Aspose.PDF.Document with Aspose.Words.Document?


Your query is more related to Aspose.PDF. We are moving this forum thread to Aspose.PDF forum where you will be guided appropriately.


Regretfully Aspose.PDF does not offer such functionality to compare two files. However, you can convert a PDF file into Word document and use Aspose.Words to achieve the purpose.