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Load/Save Options

Few final questions on load/save options, please kindly shed a light on .PreserveTnefAttachments algorithm.
According to the docs, if False, it’s lost, but its files will be decoded and extracted
When loading and saving in different format, extracted means the files inside Tnef will be added as separate attachments?
So what happens to the richbody.rtf?
Any options to add the richbody.rtf as attachment, too?
And if True, what happens to the target message body, if it only has rtf part which is inside the TNEF?
Possible to get the message body in such cases while preserving Tnef?

I also tried .PreserveRtfContent with both True and False for few messages and didn’t see a change in result! The docs only says:

And please correct me if I failed understanding about .DecodeSignedContent
Because we don’t decode/decrypt signed content/emails, but verify their signature, we decode/decrypt encrypted emails.
So this function decrypts the message if related certificates are found in My (Personal Certificate) Store and the saved message will lost its encryption certificate?
While signing certificate will be kept?

And MapiMessage.Save (out, MsgSaveOptions::SaveAsTemplate = True)
Is identical as MapiMessage.SaveAsTemplate or there are differences in the mapi properties of the result message?

MailConversionOptions.ConvertAsTnef = True will result in an eml with no body? Specially if source msg only has rtf body? If so, not possible to save the target eml from the body inside the Tnef while preserving Tnef?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, too many questions. Just need time to answer. Thanks.

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Sorry, I was confused because of the 2 issues posted in another topic, so please disregard the whole topic and delete it :slight_smile: