Loading Aspose assemblies is slow on terminal server

We’ve recently updated our Words.NET for the 1.1 framework from to, and our Cells.Net from to

Since then, running the code that references those assemblies occurs a delay of about two minutes before the assemblies load when run on a terminal server. We have made no other changes to the code, besides rebuilding with the new versions. This occurs when loading the assembly that references those DLLs, after the assembly loads it enters the New() overload and loads the licenses as usual. The delay occurs before any code is entered.

We’ve tried the latest Cells.Net and Words.Net ( and respectively) and the delay still occurs.

The terminal server we are testing against is Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 with service pack 1. When running the old build with the old Words.NET and Cells.NET - the assembly loads in about a second. When running the new build with the newest DLLs, the assembly loads in just under two minutes.

Any help would be appreciated - we don’t want to roll back to the old versions.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please create and attach here a simple console application that enables us to reproduce this issue on our sides? We will investigate the issue further and provide you more information.

Best Regards,

Attached is a simple console app. The code is a single VB module:

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        Dim AWrd As New Aspose.Words.Document Dim aCll As New Aspose.Cells.Workbook

    End Sub

End Module

Running this locally takes a second. Running it in a terminal server session takes about two minutes before the message box appears.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the additional information.

I tested executing ‘AsposeLoader.exe’ on 64-bit Windows -7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 platforms on my side. Yes, you’re right, it took a while (around 30 second) when executing on Windows Server 2008 R2. Could you please exclude Aspose.Cells reference and attach the original Console Application (source project with code) here for testing?

Moreover, I have requested another Aspose.Words support engineer to take a closer look at your problem. He will test your scenario on exactly the same platform (i.e. Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 with service pack 1) and get back to you shortly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Attached is the project for the same app with only the Word DLL referenced.

Hi Jason,
Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.
I am preparing the required platform to simulate the environment as of yours. As soon as everything is setup, I will test the issue on my end and will post my results here for your kind reference.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi Tilal,
Any update on the timing for this issue? We have several customers waiting for a fix for this.

Hi Jason,
Please accept my apology for delayed reply. I have used same platform for terminal server i.e. Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 with service pack 1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t found any issue executing that console application and “AsposeLoader.exe’” both locally and in terminal server session. It takes between 5-10 seconds for loading.
Could you please check whether Aspose application loads in terminal server session with some delay or other applications also? Secondly can you test your application with other .net framework e.g. 2.0?
Sorry for the inconvenience faced.
Best Regards,


We’re still having issues with this. Attached is a detailed application where we are seeing the slowdown on a Windows Server Enterprise 2008SP1 64-bit, when remoting in using remote desktop. This has become a serious issue for our customers, any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your inquiry. I have tested the scenario and have managed to reproduce somewhat the same problem on my side. The terminal server on my side took just 17 seconds to run the first time and less than a second the second time and so on. For the sake of correction, I have logged this problem as WORDSNET-7478 in our issue tracking system. We will further look into the details of this problem and will keep you updated on the status of correction. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Best regards,

Can we get an update on the status of this issue? We have customers waiting on this to be fixed. Thanks!

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your issue is not resolved yet. This issue is currently pending for analysis and is in the queue. I am afraid, at the moment I cannot provide you any reliable estimate regarding the fix of this issue. However, you will surely be notified as soon as it is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-7478) have been fixed in this update.