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Loading two windows on the client at the same time


When a pdf document is being generated, I cannot open another window with the same browser and load another pdf document until the first document has fully loaded.

However, if I load up a different web browser at the same time and try to generate the same pdf document it works.

How can I solve this issue?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for contacting support.

As per my understanding, you are trying to generate a PDF document using Aspose.Pdf for .NET and then rendering the output document in user browser and now you need to open a new tab and display another PDF file generated. Do you need to know the mechanism on how to render PDF file in browser tab or you need to have separate window for each document generated/processed with Aspose.Pdf for .NET.

Please share some details so that we can understand and answer the query, accordingly.

Lets say we have a aspx page called GeneratePDF.aspx on the server that will generate a pdf from scratch.

As a client now, I click the button on GeneratePDF.aspx which starts to generate the pdf in the background. It takes a while to generate the pdf, so while I'm waiting, I may open a new browser window to the GeneratePDF.aspx page and click the button again, so I can generate a second PDF.

However, what I'm finding is that while the first window is in Generating Pdf mode, the 2nd browser window will not Load until the 1st window is completed generating the pdf.

This does not happen unless I'm generating a pdf. If I just want to call up the page without generating, I can load many windows at once without them waiting on each other.

It almost seems that ASPOSE is preventing another browser client (of the same type i.e. Chrome) from accessing the server while PDF generation is underway.

Is there something I need to do when creating PDFs to allow the same client to do it on 2 or more windows?

(I don't have a simple sample to upload, otherwise I would have). Do you have a sample ASPX page that would be slow to generate that I can try to put on my site and then try clicking it in two different Chrome browsers?

Any update on this? It is a critical issue for us.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response. We are looking into your query and will update you soon.

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We are still anxiously awaiting a response to our urgent question.

Any update?


Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response. We are looking into your query and will update you soon.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your patience. Please find attached a simple POC website, generates a Pdf file from scratch and imports an image. It’s working fine with more than one browser instances. Hopefully it will help to demonstrate the issue. Please correct me if there is any difference in my understanding and your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

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