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Locating Keywords alongwith location


I have downloaded the evaluation version of ASPOSE.WORD & it seems to be a great product. I need to implement a solution whereby certain keywords can be searched in a Word document and their positions (page number, line number) within the word document can be returned (cannot use automation as this needs to be server side App).

Can this be handled through ASPOSE.WORD?

Going by the earlier posts, I understand that one can open the word document through ASPOSE.WORD and save it as a text file.


Hi Paula,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

It is not easy to determine line number and page number because there is no page information is stored in the Word binary file.

Only the text and its formatting are stored and MS Word paginates the document for viewing or printing. Aspose.Word can only open, modify and save the file, but it does not have a pagination engine therefore it is not possible to determine page number and line number of any point inside a document. Even if you save it into a text file, Aspose.Word will not break text into lines - it will just store paragraphs that are available in the document.

Sorry if it’s not helpful, maybe you can come up with another solution where you don’t require page and line numbers.

We actually plan to implement a pagination engine for Aspose.Word to allow viewing and printing documents, but this will not be available for several months. It might be possible to add functionality you need at that time.