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Login not working for API docs


My credentials work for the Aspose website, but when I try and access API documentation I get another login page and my credentials do not work.

Hi Tim,

We’re sorry for this inconvenience. Please try the following link to access the documentation:

Also, please share which page/section of the documentation you were trying to access and from where you got that link. That will be helpful for us to identify and then fix the issue.

We’re looking forward to help you.

On the page:

Trying to click the link:

Hi Tim,

I have tried it at my end and it works fine. Please note that you do not need to login to access the documentation. Could you please try with a different browser and see how it goes? If you still find the same problem then please do let me know and I’ll ask our web team to further investigate this matter.


Looks like it works in IE 11 but not in Firefox.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing more details. We’ll investigate and fix this issue. If we need any further information or details from you, we’ll ask via this thread.

Thanks for your cooperation.