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Logotype image hides text in rtf header

Hello and thank you for an excellent product!

We have a problem in our solution that we are having problems solving. We are creating a document using a rtf-text stream which is the template layout for the document that we access as rtf-format string from the database.

The problem is that the logotype image in the header hides the text of the header, instead of pushing the text to the right of the image; in other words, the text is "blind" to the image, and in consequence becomes hidden underneath the logotype, whereas before the text would be pushed to the right of the image.

How can we tell our Document that we want the image to be considered an area in the header, and not a background, so that it forces text next to it to adjust towards the right?

I really appreciate your time, and hope you can help us since we are at a loss as to what to do, since the text that disappears underneath the image logotype is crucial to the document.

This is how we load the template into the Document

if (template.Journaltemplate.LayoutRtf != null && template.Journaltemplate.LayoutRtf.Length > 0)


byte[] rtfBytesTemplate = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(template.Journaltemplate.LayoutRtf);

MemoryStream rtfStreamTemplate = new MemoryStream(rtfBytesTemplate);

LoadOptions loTemplate = new LoadOptions();

loTemplate.LoadFormat = LoadFormat.Rtf;

doc = new Document(rtfStreamTemplate, loTemplate);


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your inquiry. The image in your document may have text wrapping “in Font of Text”. You can change the Text Wrapping of a Shape by using following code snippet.

<span lang=“EN-GB” style=“font-size:10.0pt;font-family:“Courier New”;color:#2B91AF;mso-ansi-language:
EN-GB;mso-no-proof:yes”>Document<span lang=“EN-GB” style=“font-size:10.0pt;
font-family:“Courier New”;mso-ansi-language:EN-GB;mso-no-proof:yes”> doc = new Document(MyDir

  • “in.rtf”);<o:p></o:p>

Shape shape = (Shape)doc.FirstSection.HeadersFooters[HeaderFooterType.HeaderPrimary].GetChild(NodeType.Shape, 0, true);

shape.WrapType = WrapType.Inline;

doc.Save(MyDir + "Out.rtf");

I suggest you please read following documentation links for your kind reference.

If you still face problem, please attach your input Word document here for testing. I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

Thank you! This solved our problem! We were looking in all the wrong places for this, not knowing about the Shape object.

Again thank you for such a quick reply! You are the best!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to ask if you have any question about Aspose.Words, we will be happy to help you.