Looking to buy Aspose.PDF subscription to integrate it in our software for PDF's

We are a construction management software solution
Looking to have a tool that allows me to do:
PDF annotate
PDF realtime Markups with collaboration
PDf compress
Version control
Measure capabilities - distance, area etc
Form filling and creation
PDF editing

What features are available out of these?


Thanks for showing interest in our API.

Aspose.PDF allows you to add different kinds of annotations inside PDF documents.

Please check following articles in our API documentation explaining how you can edit a PDF (edit text), compress it, sign it, and fill the forms:

Would you kindly explain a bit more detail about your above requirements? Please share some sample PDF documents showing these features so that we can provide our feedback accordingly.

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  1. PDF Markups - Meaning if we could work on engineering drawings, annotate them and add comments. in real time meaning once it is integrated with our software which is cloud-based, could multiple people be working in the same document while annotating or adding comments?

  2. PDF compare - Can we compare two PDFs, Do we have any examples of it?

  3. Version control - Meaning is there any document version control tool where we could manage different versions of the same PDF document. If any changes are made then we can view the latest version or go back to the old version indicating the time it was changed and by whom.

  4. Measure capabilities - If we have a construction drawing PDF - Is there an ability to measure length and area by adjusting the scale.

We are looking forward to purchase a tool ASAP so looking forward to hearing from you.


We already have shared the examples to add annotations inside PDF documents. Furthermore, it may not be possible to add comments/annotations to a PDF file simultaneously because Aspose.PDF is a multithreaded-safe API which means only one thread should access a PDF document at one time. Trying to access the document with multiple threads at the same time could produce unwanted results.

We do not offer any comparing tool to compare two PDFs. However, we will investigate its feasibility if you can please let us know from which perspective you want to compare the files e.g. Text, Structure, Size, etc.

Sadly, there is no such functionality in the API. However, you can achieve it by saving multiple copies of a single PDF file in order to keep records of its editing with respect to users.

Aspose.PDF only allows you to add graphics and images inside PDF and manipulate PDF documents. Also, the API mimics the behavior of Adobe Reader. So the ability to process drawings and compute them would not be possible while using Aspose.PDF.

In case you have further inquiry, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for your response.
q: Does Aspose provide us with the code as well where we can modify and customize or add things on top of it when we purchase the subscription?
q: Also, I came across these measure related tools on aspose wanted to confirm what do they do? You had mentioned we cannot measure pdfs. see below link and attached screenshot

image.png (250.0 KB)


You will only be provided with the license file which you can consume in order to use API without any limitations. Please check the Getting Started section of the API documentation where you can find information related to Licensing. If you experience any issue with the API, notice any missing feature or any bug - you can report it in our forums and we will address and fix it in future versions.

Thanks for highlighting it.

Please note that Measure Class was only added for Line and Area Annotations. This is mainly used to describe the coordinate system used for them how units will be displayed in these annotations. It does not calculate anything, mainly describes number format, unit names, etc. Further information can be found in following article of API documentation.

Hello @asad.ali
We are in the process of implementing Aspose total mainly focusing on getting aspose pdf tools.
1 Quick question - Does Aspose offer annotations on image files?
Just like we do the Annotation on a PDF, We are interested to have annotation, signature, watermark etc on image files if we view the images from Aspose.
(Annotation being the most important)
It would be great if you could give your input on this


If you want to add annotations inside PDF document (containing images), you can do it using Aspose.PDF. Please check following article(s):

In case you want to deal with images only like .png, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, etc., you may not annotate them using Aspose.PDF as API is specialized only to deal with PDF documents. You may further please create a post in Aspose.Imaging forum category as that product may suit your needs.