<br> Converted in Char Decimal 11


When I have this html

is transformed to Char(11) why isn’t a CRLF generated ?

Is this a defined behavior ? is tehre a reason why not a Chars 13 / 10 ?

Can I change this behavior with the ResourceLoadingCallback ?

Thanks for your request. Yes, this behavior is expected and correct.
is a soft line break, you can insert it by pressing Shift+Enter in MS Word. \n\r is a paragraph break.
You can use IReplacingCallback to replace soft line break with paragraph breaks:
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Thanks for your reply.

can you post me a .net / c# sample ?
I got some conversion problems of the Java code.

For example where is the asposewobfuscated come from ?

Hi Boas,

Thanks for your inquiry. You can find the C# code version here:

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Many thanks that worked for me