<img> tag problems



We are evaluating Aspose.pdf to include it in our software. But we have a problem with images:

I'm trying to create a pdf file:

Dim pdf As Pdf = New Pdf()



I get al the rich text but the image is not in the pdf document. I've been trying to use different paths (c:/ or http://localhost...). If I use absolute path c:/, I get no image in the pdf document. But if I use htt://localhost I get an exception: Invalid image name. The html file works fine and the image gets loaded... Html.

image tag: http://localhost/1.jpg" width=488>

I'm using asp.net 2.0

I attach my html file.


Juan Puebla

(Barcelona - Spain)


Thanks for considering Aspose.

We'll try to reproduce the error and give u reply ASAP.


Sorry for the late response.
Your problem is a little bug of our product. We will correct it as soon as possible, the coming new version will support the img tag such as "" and so on.



Is there any way to use img tags now? If so, could you send me the correct tag? If not, when are you going to release the next version?


Juan Puebla


The new version will be released at the end of this month or early next month.