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Macro removed (missing) when creating xlsx file

Aspose version used :

We have a xls file with macros enabled. We use aspose to populate values in the xls file and save it as “somethingelse.xls” and mail to clients. There were no issues faced. But some of our clients wanted xlsx. When we tried to save as “somethingelse.xlsx” the macros got completely removed from the file and the macro that has to fire is no more working even though the client has enabled "prompt to run macros"

could you please help? let me know if you need code snippet

Thanks for your providing us some details.

Well, since you are using some older version of the product (v6.0.1.0) and we are not sure why you are getting this issue when generating XLSX file format. We recommend you to kindly try using our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v8.6.3, you may get it here:
(Note: you might not use our latest version with your existing license, so you would need to upgrade to latest version. You may comment the licensing code to just check (in a separate project) if latest version fixes your issue.)

FYI, I am afraid, we cannot evaluate or fix any issues (if found) in older versions. The fixes are only based on latest APIs set of the component, so we would recommend you to kindly try our latest version of the product in which we included several enhancements and other fixes and it should work fine. And, if we found any issue, we can provide you the fix based on latest versions.

If you still find the issue with latest version v8.6.3, kindly provide your template file(s) and paste your sample code here to reproduce the issue on our end, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

Instead of using the latest aspose version 8.6.3, can we request for version 7.3.1 because our license doesn’t support version 8.6.3 and can still cover version 7.3.1


I am afraid, you cannot download any version of the product which is older than one year or so from Aspose's Downloads module, it is our policy and we have to follow it after all. If you could not see your desired older versions in Downloads module, I am afraid, we cannot provide them to you as we have to follow our policy. But, if you already have these older versions of the product(s) with you, you may keep using them with your license file if it works fine.

As we told you earlier, we recommend you try our latest versions (v8.6.3 (latest)) as over the years, we have added new features and made further enhancements and included other fixes to make the product more robust and feature rich APIs.

Thank you.