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Mail merge from documents

We are evaluating aspose.word.
Questions :
If I’ve mail merge regions in my report doc, it is possible to fill my report doc by replacing mail merge regions by another documents ?

if yes how ?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Yes, this theme is pretty popular and has been discussed in the forum a number of times. Basic approach is using an event handler for the MergeField event and copying the source document section by section into the main document (containing merge fields). Please see here for more details:

Also, you can search it in the forum, this problem is actually one of the most popular.

Thank you,
I see there that you’ve not yet implement the method that insert documents to another exactly on mail merge fields !!!

We’ll be very interested of this way !!

I think this we’ll be available soon.


Hello, is this method implemented ?

Sorry, no progress yet. We will certainly notify you.


have you progressed on this way ?

Sorry, the method is not implemented yet.

Is this the same as Fixed : copying sections between documents losing fonts available on aspose.word 2.5. ?

No, this is just a fix of the losing fonts issue. Inserting sections at a merge field, bookmark etc is still unavailable.