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Mail merge letter format

I am trying to get the mail merge feature to work for an Avery label sheet that has three columns. I am just starting out with it and am wondering how to format the fields on the form if I am performing the merge from a DataSet.

Do I need to use the <> field to advance to the next record in the DataSet? Do I need to create separate fields for each address element in each label on the form? An example of a label form would be great if available.



Hi Charles,

What I do is use Word’s mail merge tool to create the label (or envelope) template document with my field names and the <> marker.

Then save the document template just before performing the actual mail merge.



Thanks Brian. I’ll try that to see how it goes. Unfortunately, before I posted, I should have checked the sample files again–there is a label sample in them. It figures that something was there already.




Hi Charles,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I hope the demo samples will help you to solve your problem, but let me add some information, maybe it will be useful for you too.

There are two general ways to use mail merge: with regions and without.

The simplest way is use mail merge without regions. In this case you need to place into the document merge fields and name it in accordance with records in your data source. The mail merge engine processes all records of the data source and copies and appends content of the whole document for each record. You can use NEXT field to force the engine to select next record in the data source and continue merging without copying any content.

Another way is mail merge with regions. It is commonly used for processing repeatable data. You should enclose your merge fields between two special merge fields that would mark start and end of the repeatable region and name them “TableStart:TableName” and “TableEnd:TableName”. Execution of the mail merge will dynamically grow portions inside the document.

See here for more info: