Mail Merge on Nested MergeFIeld, Evaluate & Remove Outer IF Field, Save Report to DOCX Format using C# .NET

I have a input document image.png (868 Bytes)
and the output file is image.png (613 Bytes)
in output file if condition is evalueated but the if condition is not removed from final document.

Expected: if condition should return the content only not the if condition in it.
image.png (491 Bytes)
I am using aspose 17.8 version.

I tried using Alt+F9 to hide it. but we want only the result content not the if condition.


Please refer to the following section of documentation:

The RemoveContainingFields option can be used to specify whether fields that contain merge fields (for example, IFs) should be removed from the document if the nested merge fields are removed.