Mail Merge Returns Blank Data


I’m simply trying to perform a mail merge manually. The Microsoft Query returns data and records. I insert the field into the document (nothing else) and when I run the merge (with Word), no data is returned. What am I doing wrong?



Sorry, but it is hard to suggest something given only this information. Also, does Aspose.Word perform mail merge on your document properly?

Thank you.


The Aspose.Word does not perform it properly either. No data is merged. So in order to debug the situation, I’m just trying to run a mail merge manually and noticed that blank data returns with the document is manually merged, so that’s really the root of the problem. The Microsoft Query returns results though.


Sorry, it seems like the problem is caused by your data source or configuration or something like that - it is still hard to suppose what exactly. But you can try following thing: since the demo projects are working well, look carefully at one of them and build your solution from there. This will at least exclude errors in code or templates.


FYI, I upgraded Word 2000 to Word 2002 and everything works great. Also, at first Word returned a completely blank page, which come to find out it was because my recordset filter was not returning results. Maybe Aspose will throw up some error if this occurs instead of a completely blank page.