Mail Merge Word Document Header Issue


We just recently purchased and starting using Aspose.Words to perform mail merges of Word documents and DataTable’s from our database. We used to use Word 2003 to perform the mail merge.

We are having a problem with the mail merge. It seems that the header (as in from Header and Footer) only shows up on the first page of the document. If I open the file in Word, I can see the headers on the subsequent pages only by clicking on “View|Header and Footer.” If I stop “viewing Header and Footer,” then the header only shows on the first page.

We’re using the latest version of Aspose.Words for .Net. Please advise.


It depends on what headers/footers are defined in your document. Every section in the document can have three types of headers and three types of footers defined:

  1. First, for the first page of the section.
  2. Primary, appears on every page of the section if even and first headers/footers are not defined, otherwise used for odd numbered pages.
  3. Even, appears only on even pages of the section.

From what you describe I can presume that you probably have only the First header defined in your template. Please check the header/footer settings for your template in MS Word. Or you can attach your template file to your post here in this forum thread. I will check it up and give necessary recommendations.

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