Mail Merging with MS SQL stored procedures


I haven’t looked at the download verison yet to do any testing.

I thought I would ask a question before spending time on it.

I have a client that needs to generate a mail merged document

from a result of a SQL query. The immediate need is for a

Word document generated by a web-server. Office is not installed

on this server. The data is stored in an SQL Server database.

Going forawrd, another application currently uses Access, but it is being

ported to SQL Server, and it will use mostly SPs. I know MS Office has

quirks with using SPs. Currently the merges are happening client side,

but we may wnat to move the processing to the server side to have a single

solution enterprise wide.

Will your application:

be able to create the merged document needs listed above,

do so without Office installed on the server,

be able to handle the SPs without special workarounds

(like “SELECT * into extra_tbl from CustomerInvoices”)?



Thank you for considering our product.

Everything that you have listed in your requirements is possible with Aspose.Words because:

  1. Aspose.Words does not MS Word or any othe MS Office program for functioning.
  2. MailMerge is done using ADO.NET data obejcts, such as DataTable, DataSet or DataView.
    These objects can be filled from any source that has an ADO.NET ADO or ODBC compatible provider.
    And as far as I know ADO.NET does not have any problems filling data objects using stored procedures, whether it is Access or SQL Server.
  3. Using Aspose.Words you can do the document mail merge in an ASP.NET application on a Web server.