MailMerge ExecuteWithRegions throws exception 'This row has been removed from a table and does not have any data. '

I am not sure if this was just from trying to bind an empty datatable to a mailmerge table, but I get this stack trace…

Stack Trace: at System.Data.DataRow.GetDefaultRecord()
at System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(Int32 columnIndex)
at ᱖.ᱱ.ᱮ(String ݐ, Object& ԁ)
at ᱖.᱕.ᱧ(ង ᨻ)
at ᱖.᱕.ᱥ(ArrayList ᱦ)
at ᱖.᱕.ᱤ()
at ᱖.᱕.ᱟ(MailMerge ᱠ, IMailMergeDataSource ᱡ)
at Aspose.Words.Reporting.MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegions(IMailMergeDataSource dataSource)
at Aspose.Words.Reporting.MailMerge.ExecuteWithRegions(DataTable dataTable)

The full error is “This row has been removed from a table and does not have any data. BeginEdit() will allow creation of new data in this row.”.
I know I have bound a datatable before that was empty, and didn’t have this problem.
Im putting in an extra check to see if that dataset has contents, but wanted to bring this up.


Thanks for your inquiry. I cannot reproduce this problem on my side. I used the following code for testing:

DataTable dt = new DataTable("myTable");
Document doc = new Document();

Could you please attach your template and provide me sample code, which will allow me to reproduce this problem.
Best regards,