Maintaining and updating license file


At my company we have dozens of in-house applications that use Aspose.Total. Every application includes the Aspose.Total.lic file as an embedded resource. Every year, we get a new licence file and we have to update the file, recompile, and redeploy every single application.

There has to be a better way to manage Aspose license files for multiple applications. Is there a supported way to keep the current license file in a shared location so it only has to be updated in one place and does not require redeploying each and every application?


Well, it seems no issue as if you keep the license file in a shared folder and then access it from different applications. In this case, you need to restart the application after updating the license file in the shared folder.

Secondly, as you mention that the license file is used as an embedded resource in the application. For this, you can device your own scheme similar to the following one to avoid keeping plain license file in a shared folder:

  • Encrypt the license file and place it in some shared folder
  • Implement the decrypt function in your each application
  • Load the encrypted file in each application and decrypt it to obtain plain license text. Here decrypt it and then load into the License class object

In this way, your license file will not be available in plain text in the shared folder. In addition to this, you can also develop an application which may restart all the applications after updating the license file to minimize the application downtime.