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MakeNUp and Margins

The company i work for currently has a AsposeTotal license and I am trying to use the MakeNUp function using the PdfFileEditor class. This works in terms of making the items on the same page.

What I need however is to specify the margins for the resulting file.

Is there a way to do this?

I am aware that I can use the AddMargins method afterwards, however this is to late as the pages are being broken over the pages and I do not wish to resize the content either.

Is there a way to Add margin and not resize the contents?

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for contacting support.

From your requirement of adding Margin, do you need to add margin between the contents in NUp page (when two pages of PDF files are joined using MakeNUp) or you need to add margin to the whole page during this NUp process ?

Please share some details so that we can answer the query, accordingly.

PS, Please note that an overload of MakeNUp method supports the feature to specify the pageSize of resultant file.