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MakePDF fails: System.UriFormatException: Ungültiger URI: Das URI-Format konnte nicht bestimmt werden

When I try to convert the attached word-File I get the above error. Note that we recently did a
big update to Aspose.Words 11.1 and did not have that issue with the previous version. I think it has something to do with the INCLUDETEXT-fields.

Any help would be apreciated,
Best regards
Ivan Schnyder

Hi Schnyder<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I was looking for a query and came across your issue. To extend any help from my side, I have tested this issue on my end and reproduced the same problem even with the latest version of Aspose.Words i.e. v.11.3.0. It seems some issue in Aspose.Words API and hope that their team will log this issue to their issue tracking system.



Hi Schnyder,

It seems you have used Ms word hyphenation feature in your source document and Aspose.Word doesn't support the feature..

Best Regards,


Thanks for the hint, but that doesn’t seem the soltution for my problem. Turned the auto-hyphenation off, still the same problem. As I said, before the upgrade I successfully could convert the document… When I remove my INCLUDETEXT fields, the convertion is sucessfull, so it’s definetly a problem with those fields…

Hi Ivan,

I have tested the scenario and have not found any issue. Please check the path of include file in your shared document. I have modified the shared file and test it with correct path of IVAKTxt.doc, it works fine. Please make sure the path of includetext file is correct.

Yes, that the path is the problem. But this word-file results from an old system and it builds the path dynamicly internally when opening the file with MS Word (I think with old ugly VB-Skript).

But in my opinion Aspose.Words should not fail the conversion if the Included file cannot be found, I'm expecting that it converts the file anyway whitout including the other file (if not existant). I assume that this was the old behaviour (or the INCLUDETEXT-Feature is new when converting from doc->pdf). Like I said we just recently updated Aspose.Word from 9 to 11 and we never had that error before, the word-files from the old system are still the same..

Best regards
Ivan Schnyder

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for sharing the information. I have managed to reproduce the same problem at my end. I have logged this issue in our issue tracking system. You will be notified via this forum thread once this issue is resolved.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Another question: it looks like MS Word “saves” the content of the referenced file internal somehow. So if I open such a document, the content is there but the path of the included file is wrong. If I actualize the field content, the field is empty again. So my question is: Can I deactivate the “refresh” of the include-fields when calling the save-Method on the word-Docuement which converts it to pdf?

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your query. I have tried to understand your query but unfortunately I have not completely understand your query. Please elaborate your query in detail. Do you want to remove the INCLUDETEXT filed?

No, the situation is the following:

We have a folder with a template for all the new word-documents of the same type, let's call it "TemplateDoc.doc" and also there's a file "Header.doc" in the same folder. The "Header.doc" is included in the "TemplateDoc.doc" with INCLUDETEXT. As we generate a new word-document with an old application, the new document will be produced in the same folder, as a copy from the "TemplateDocument.doc". So while producing the new document, all the files are in the same folder and the included file "Header.doc" could be resolved and integrated in the new resulting word-document.

Now after all the operations has succeded, the newly created document is moved to a specific folder (for example //NewDocument.doc). The problem now is, that the previously included file "Header.doc" isn't in the same folder anymore. But when I'm opening the word-file in the new folder, I can see the content of the Header.doc was included when generating it. If I activate the field-view in word (Alt-F9) I can see, that the INCLUDETEXT is still active. So If I refresh the field, the content is now gone because the "Header.doc" isn't in the same folder anymore. So my question is: is there an option when I create a PDF using Aspose.Words that enables / disables the "automatic refresh" of the field values (like the field for the header wich searches now for the "Header.doc"). In my opinion, this is a new behavior, because with a previous version of Aspose.Words we didn't faced that problem so the header was just included like it was there already in the document. So something has changed in your library and I would have an option to deactivate/activate this logic.

Hope this explanation helps, thanks for your support.

Best regards

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for sharing the information in detail.

There is no such API to enables/disables the “automatic refresh” of the INCLUDETEXT field. The contents of Header.doc is visible after changing the folder’s location is due to the default behavior of MS Word. If you repeat the same scenario manually by using MS Word, you will face the same behavior.

Hope this answers you query. Please let us know if you have any more queries.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-6400) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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