Making the textfield in slide as read only


In my last post regarding making the powerpoint file as read-only, it's not possible said by msfaiz, thanks a lot to msfaiz, presently now atleast any possibility is there for setting the textfield or textbox(label or text etc.) as read only in slide. As, I want to set the header in slide as read only.



Dear Raghu,

You can add textboxes on the master of a normal slide. It will appear as read-only on normal slide. See example ppt attached by me.

You can programmatically add master slides, add textboxes on them as well as change master of normal slides with Aspose.Slides.

Hi msfaiz,

Thank you for response, i don't want use master slide because it appears remaining slides also. Only one textfield should be appear as non editable in one slide only, that textfield value comes dynamically.



I had a similar problem and solved it also by using the master slides. In my case I had to create a master for each slide dynamically.

As I know PowerPoint itself does not provide a functionality to set single fields to readonly.