Manage deleted recurrence within calendar items

Let’s suppose I have a query, which gets a list of appointments for the current month.


My default calendar has an appointment with a recurrence on Monday every week. ListAppointments returns the very first appointment. With the help of the property Recurrence, I’m able to calculate the other appointments.

What happens, if I delete one single occurrence? Inspecting the object doesn’t show any difference. Where’s the information, that one occurrence got deleted?

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

You may please use following sample code to retrieve the collection of dates on which occurrences are deleted and share the feedback.

IEWSClient client2 = (IEWSClient)GetEWSClient();
var apps2 = client2.ListMessages(client2.MailboxInfo.CalendarUri);
IList<MapiCalendar> mapiCalendars = client2.FetchMapiCalendar(new string[] { apps2[0].UniqueUri });
IList<DateTime> deletedInstanceDates = mapiCalendars[0].Recurrence.RecurrencePattern.DeletedInstanceDates;

We have also logged an enhancement ticket under Id:EMAILNET-38825 to provide this feature for appointment. You will be automatically notified once any feedback is received in this regard.


Thanks for the fast answer. Unfortunately when trying to fetch the calendar item var tmpMapiCalendars = client.FetchMapiCalendar(new String[] { appointment.UniqueId}); I get the error message

Id malformed

error_aspose.png (11.8 KB)


Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

I am afraid that this issue is not re-produced here. Could you please share the test account credentials on the said server for our testing? It will help us to observe the problem and provide assistance accordingly.


Unfortunately I’m not able to share the credentials. Does the exchange calendar need to have any special configuration?


There is no special calendar configuration on the exchange server. It is a normal calendar with recurrences where few recurrences were deleted to test the feature. I am afraid that without the test account credentials we cannot observe the issue and provide assistance accordingly. You may please test same code with some exchange server and share the feedback.