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Managing Child Accounts

I am the owner of our main support account, which is tied to our Enterprise support level. When I go to my account, Email tab, to manage child accounts and add access for some developers that need to access our support, nothing happens when I click Add. Am I doing the right thing, or is there a better way to get them access to our support level?


Many thanks for your enquiry and for your continued support of Aspose.

I cannot see any order from you for Enterprise Support, so you will only have access to our standard free support. This is open to all Aspose users and doesn't require any action on your part.

Please let me know if I can help further.

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I have the same question. This is the only thread that comes up when I search your web site for “Manage Child Accounts”. The interface is not very clear to me either, so I would like to understand how to login with the enterprise account, then associate each developer. I would also like to know how to change the email address used by an account and what to do when the email address is already taken (i.e. is there a way to delete an account or merge two accounts).

Thank you!

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Most of this can be done on ‘Email’ tab on the profile edit screen: … The ‘Manage Child Accounts’ button is just above the ‘Save Changes’ button.

There are also a couple of other ways to allow multiple people to keep up to date on a post.

1) Each person will
need to create an Aspose user account. Once a post is made by the
primary user, other users can subscribe to get notifications by clicking
the ‘Enable Email Subscription’ button towards the top of the page
(just above the first post).

2) Assign a distribution group email
address, which would have to be setup at your organization, to the
Aspose user account. When replies are made to the post then all members
of the distribution group should receive a notice.

Please let us know if any other issues come up.