Mangling of merged cells when deleting cells


I’m having an issue which I strongly suspect is a bug in apose.excel.dll version

I’ve attached a simple C# project which demonstrates the problem.

Given: a spreadsheet with several regions of merged cells (my example worksheets contain 4 such regions each).
Event: I remove a cell or group of (unmerged) cells from a worksheet which has been loaded from an existing excel file. (sample included)
Result: the 4 merged cell areas in the saved worksheet no longer match the position and sizes in original spreadsheet.

I’ve included a copy of a sample spreadsheet, a simple C# file which demonstrates the problem, and the corresponding project file. I did not include a copy of our license file in this project.

Please let me know if you need any more information. We’re quite pleased with your product! Thankyou!

John Hartman


Dear John,

Thank you for the report. However, I didn't find your attached project.

I only need your template file and sample code to figure out the problem.

How do you remove a cell, using DeleteRow or DeleteColumn method? If you used them to remove a cell, the merge cell position or size may be changed. That's same as MS Excel. You can verify it in MS Excel.


Dear Laurence,

I’m sorry about not attaching the sample earlier. I’ve resent it with this email, as a zipped file named It contains the webform code which executes my function, along with the excel book I tested with.

I’m actually using DeleteRange, limiting myself to a single cell removal in this sample.

I hope it helps.

-John H.


Hi John,

Yes. This is a bug. I fixed it. Please try this attached version.