Manipulating OBJ to add texture before export to PNG

I would like to import an OBJ object and then manipulate it before exporting it to a png. Basically, I want to add a texture to the mesh and opacity to create a “ghost” image. I also want to watermark it.

I am still evaluating the product and am using linqpad, but the idea is to host this in .net core in a docker image when completed. I am following this sample code:


Can you please share the soruce OBJ file and also the desired operations and generated output file that you want to create using API. The OBJ support is relatively new and we need to ensure if the requested support can be implemented using API or not.

obj sample file

I just want to give it any color for the skin with 50% opacity and export to png. perhaps Aspose.3D?


Are you referring to Aspose.CAD or Aspose.3D please?

I don’t know, which is what I am inquiring about. I am trying to start with an obj and manipulate it to export to various formats. I know I can export using CAD however I am unable to manipulate the object. Should I use both together?
Please advise


At present we have basic support available for working with OBJ file. Therefore, if you may please share the source OBJ file along with actions you want to perform over that and desired output then I can created investigation ticket to assess your requirements that how and when can we offer support in API.

Thanks for your help. @mudassir.fayyaz. It seems you have this response canned as you obviously haven’t read my request nor my response twice to this same exact query. Please let someone else answer.


Please accept my apology for inconvenience. We are checking the shared information internally and will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.


We have investigated your requirements and yes, this theoretically possible but some classes are hidden at the moment in API. Therefore, we need to update our product to make it possible to support this. We will hopefully provide the solution in upcoming 21.1 product release along with sample code for your convenience.