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MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern to readable (german) String


is there a possibility to get a readable string out of the MapiCalendarRecurrencePattern? Outlook presents a (german) string in the application - can i get this string with aspose also?

thanks in advance

Is there a possibility to read this property?


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

Please share the sample data which can be used to observe the German string in Outlook. It will help us to provide assistance for getting same string using Aspose.Email.

Regarding the property PidLidRecurrencePattern, please share the sample message which contains this property. We will analyze it and provide assistance accordingly.


I attached 2 Files to this post:
- test erster mittwoch alle 3 monate.msg (String: jeden 3. Monat am ersten Mittwoch von 16:00 bis 16:30)
- test wöchentlich mo_di_mi_so.msg (String: jede Woche am Sonntag, Montag, Dienstag und Mittwoch von 15:00 bis 15:30)

I can read the string out of the tag 0x802E001E with MFCMAPI.



Hi Andi,

I have tested both the messages and have displayed the required German string using following sample code. It seems you have used wrong tag value as I got this string under tag 0x800E001E. Please give try to the following sample code using both the sample MSG files and share the feedback.

MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.fromFile("test erster mittwoch alle 3 monate.msg");

for (MapiProperty namedProperty : (Iterable) mapi.getProperties().getValues())
    String hex = Integer.toHexString((int)namedProperty.getTag());
    if (hex.equalsIgnoreCase(("800e001e")))

Thanks for your help, it works!

You are welcome.

How do you got the value? I tried to read the property of a meeting request and i do not get the right property. In MFC-Mapi it’s still 0x802E001E - see attached screenshot…

EDIT: I just found out, that the property is sometimes not on the address you said. It is for this example messages, but there are also messages which have the property for exampe on 8049001e.

How do I get the Property for sure?

You find another Appointment in the “refinement.zip” attachment. MFCMAPI finds the Proprty always under 0x802E001E - but Aspose not… Why?

I want to read the property “reponseStatus” too. Here I have the same problems as descriped above. Screenshot of MFCMAPI attached - you can use the same sample message attached before.

Hi Andi,

You may please use following code which reads PidLidRecurrencePattern property from the MSG files. To read the PidLidResponseStatus please use 8218 in the following sample code and share the feedback.

MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.fromFile(path);

for MapiNamedProperty namedProperty : (Iterable)
    String hex = namedProperty.getNameId();
    if (hex.equalsIgnoreCase(("8232")))