MapiTask - do not include Headers

If I take a MapiTask and export it to mhtml (with MhtFormatOptions.None), the headers in the mhtml are shown. Can I disable this in another way or is it a bug?

Reproducing is easy - just save a MapiTask from Outlook to mhtml

Example-File (MapiTask): (613.5 KB)




I have tried saving MapiTask to Mhtml but could not find any option in Outlook 365. Please provide assistance to save MapiTask to a mhtml file using Outlook with snapshots and detailed steps.

If I save mapi task as Rich Text using Outlook (which seems to be the closest option to save MapiTask), headers are always printed. It seems that it is not possible to save MapiTask without the header information using Outlook and Aspose.Email as well. However, if you can assist us to save MapiTask without the headers using Outlook, we will try to provide similar output using Aspose.Email. The possible output mht file is attached here for your reference. (9.1 KB)
test mit (461.8 KB)

I want to save a MapiTask using Aspose.Email to MHTML. If I use MhtFormatOptions.None for MapiMessage (Mail in msg format), Headers are not shown. Saving MapiTask to MHTML the headers are shown. Why does the property MhtFormatOptions.None does not work with MapiTask?

In Outlook Headers are shown. But we want to include headers by ourself - so the headers generated by aspose should be disabled - this works for mail, appointments… - but NOT for tasks. Please provide same features for all types of msg-files - the MhtFormatOptions should not be ignored if converting tasks.



We have logged your requirements as EMAILNET-39016 for further consideration at our end. We’ll update you here once there is some information or a fix version available in this regard.

Info: I use Aspose.Email for Java.


Related Java ticket id for your reference is: EMAILJAVA-34385.

We want to escalate this issue to paid support, because it’s not useable for us in this way. Can you please add it to our paid support, or should I create a new ticket there?


Please create a topic in the Paid Support forum and mention this ticket id to get it escalated to paid support.