Matrix/Rectangle/TexBox Export


I have a big problem with one of my reports.

I have a matrix, inside the matrix a rectangle and inside the rectangle some textboxes. When I export this report to ppt I can see only header and only empty columns.

What's going on?

Dear Kinga,

We will look into it and fix it. Please also provide us these things

  1. RDL report.
  2. Example of the same report generated with standard Pdf renderer.

Hello Kinga,

Looks like it’s the same problem with matrixes which found recently.
Matrixes with objects inside cells instead of just text or image are not rendered properly.
Anyway, please provide additional information as Shakeel asked.

We are implementing new version of matrixes rendering which will support everything.
The only bad news is it can take up to 2 months.