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Max number of barcode can be read


Is there a limit to a number of barcode(Aztec) it can read in a file (image - JPG) ?

We are going to generate a report that could potentially include multiple barcodes. Could be 30 or more.

Thank you

Hi Ted,

Thank you for contacting support. Please note, there no such limitation. However, if you are aware of the available barcodes count, then please set ExpectedBarCodeCount property of the BarCodeReader class because we recommend to pass realistic information.

In addition to the that, our encoding recommendations are as follows:

  1. Resolution: ideal resolution is 300 dpi to 600 dpi
  2. Orientation: The best barcode orientation is horizontal and the worst orientation is diagonal 45 or 225 degree.
  3. Color: the best is black and white or near this.
  4. Pictures having only barcodes: It’s better if we have only barcodes on the picture, because other items can mess gray scaling process.
  5. General: if barcode is more clear, recognition will be better.

We hope, these recommendations will help you.

Thank you Imran,

We could not tell ahead of time the number of barcodes.

Question on barcode generation; since we are going to create a barcode on a list or grid, its not a good idea create an image for each barcode, is there a fontware I can use?


Hi Ted,

Thank you for the inquiry. You can manage barcode appearance by applying a font family and many other configurations. Please refer to the following help topic: Control the appearance of Code text

I don’t think you understand my question. Let me try again… First, I don’t want to create an image here.

Let me ask again, in my user interface I have TextBox, set the font to “Aztec barcode - just an example”, - then I encode the text and set it to the TextBox.

Can I create a 2D barcode without creating an image?

Hi Ted,

Thank you for the clarification. Please note, Aspose.BarCode APIs generate barcode and then save it in the image format. As I understand from your post, you are having a list or grid control. Let’s say it has a column including the textbox control where you’re looking to display Aztec barcode, but actually it should not be an image. Probably, you are looking to format a textbox control as the barcode symbols. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

In general, we offer a barcode control. We can set its properties like code text, symbology and many more. However, when the application will display it or render it in the browser. It’ll display barcode image instead of the barcode symbols.