Max number of features processed by Aspose GIS through vector layer.convert method

We are having requirement to read shape files into Geo Json format.

For this , we are analyzing evaluation version of Aspose-GIS product.

  1. Evaluation version have limitation of “No more than 100 features can be accessed in each document (reading or writing)”.

Could you please guide us what would be maximum number of features processed by licensed version of Aspose GIS?

@SarikaGoel, a licensed version of Aspose.GIS does not impose a limit on the number of features. To analyse Aspose.GIS before buying, you can obtain a temporary license here Temporary License - Purchase -

Hi Support Team,

we are getting error (Unknown encoding ‘OEM 874’ in CPG file.)

while converting attached shape file to Geojson using below method.
VectorLayer.Convert(shpfile[0], Drivers.Shapefile, root+ fileName, Drivers.GeoJson);

Could you reattach the shapefile? It appears to be missing.

From the error message I can tell that OEM 874 encoding name indeed does not correspond to a known encoding in Aspose.GIS. Please try replacing OEM 874 with windows-874 in the .CPG file next to the .SHP file you’re opening.

I’ve created ticket GISNET-339 to add support for automatic detection of the encoding in cases like this. As soon as there are any updates, I’ll notify you here.

Thanks Support Team.
As per your solution, I have updated the encoding name to Windows-874 and able to convert the same file.

Query: DO we have capability to convert .Eoo extension files to Geojson files using Aspose.GIS .net libraries?

Aspose.GIS does not support E00 format. That said, we’re constantly increasing the number of supported file formats, so I’ve logged a ticket GISNET-347 to add this format in upcoming releases.

Current list of supported formats is documented here: Supported File Formats|Aspose.GIS for .NET. If you need to work with formats not on this list, please let me know so that we can implement them as well.

@Support Team: Thanks for Update.

I am using different shape files and try to convert. I am getting error “Unable to parse *.prj file” for the attached shape file. Kindly (13.6 KB)

@SarikaGoel, the .prj file in this shape file has null byte at the end of the file, which makes is invalid. When dealing with invalid data, Aspose.GIS is extra cautious and raises an error instead of reading possibly invalid data.
I removed the null byte from the .prj file and the shape file opens fine for me. Please try it on your end and let me know if it works for you. (13.6 KB)

Thanks Support Team. I am able to convert Shape file to Geojson after removing null bytes from prj file.

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@SarikaGoel, the ticket GISNET-339 (support for enhanced encoding detection for shapefiles) has been resolved in version 19.6. Please let me know if there are any other difficulties in working with shapefiles using Aspose.GIS.