Maximum length for cell Comments


I use Aspose.Excel to export data.
Sometimes the comments for cells can be rather long.
So once a comment for one cell excceeds some limit the whole worksheet dissapeares when i open the saved file using Excel.

The code i use to create comments:
Worksheet sheet = excel.Worksheets[0];
int comInx = sheet.Comments.Add(1, 1);
Comment commentObj = sheet.Comments[comInx];
commentObj.Note = hugeString;

So the question is what’s the maximum limit of cell comments.


The maximum length of cell comments in Aspose.Excel is 4111. We will extend it in the future release.


Ok. Thanks)
I’ve checked it and it’s correct.
But why such a nice number?)


That limited by a single record in Excel file.

I will extend it to 8222 for ASCII string and 4111 for Unicode string in the first step.

Could you tell me how long your comments are?