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Maximum limit on Validations


Is there any maximum limit on how many CellArea I can add in AreaList of object Aspose.Cells.Validation.

When ever I export a spreadsheet It simply shows nothing , looks like kind of lock up.

and when i comment the code adding CellArea in the Validations it works fine.

Could you please Help as soon as possible.

Thanks & Rgds

Surjit S. Samra

How many CellArea do you add into AreaList of a validation? Yes, there is a limitation of 1K.

Could you please post your code here? I think you can optimize your code to create less CellArea.

Hi Laurence ,

Thanks for your reply.

here is the code and little explanation.

method IsValidForValidation() checks if I really need a validation list on a cell or not.

base.GetValidationArea() simply creates a validtion area with specified row and col.

Thanks a lot.

protected Aspose.Cells.Validation GetColumnValidation(byte l_bteColIndex,Aspose.Cells.Validation p_Val)


int l_intDataStart =ColumnsRow+1;

bool l_bln = false;

for(int rowID =0 ;rowID<m_dt.Rows.Count;rowID++)


if (p_Val.AreaList.Count == 900)


if (IsValidForValidation(l_intDataStart+ rowID,l_bteColIndex))


p_Val.AreaList.Add(base.GetValidationArea(l_intDataStart+ rowID,l_intDataStart+rowID,l_bteColIndex,l_bteColIndex));



return p_Val;