MBOX format support

According to:

MBOX can have 4 different formats: MBOXO - MBOXRD - MBOXCL - MBOXCL2

  1. All these 4 formats are supported?
  2. All these 4 formats have the same .mbox extension or possible to have different extensions?


We have logged a feature request as EMAILNET-40682 to support MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBOXCL, and MBOXCL2. We will inform you once there is any news available on it.

We apologize for your inconvenience.


Aspose.Email supports MBOXO and MBOXRD formats. The most used format is MBOXRD. The MBOXCL and MBOXCL2 are not supported by Aspose.Email explicitly because they are not so widely used.

In practice, it is possible to read MBOXCL and MBOXCL2 using MboxrdStorageReader, but it will handle a “From” line as message separator instead of a “Content-Length”.

If necessary, we can add support for MBOXCL/MBOXCL2 explicitly.

Secondly, the BMOX format can have different extensions, depending on the e-mail client that created a file. Or may have no extension, such as storage created by Thunderbird for Linux.

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My initial query was just a question, not a request to add support for those, currently I just need to import Thunderbird and Google Takeout.
Seems both are MboxRD right?

And MboxrdStorageReader also reads Mboxo formats? using the same code?
Finally, you may close this case :slight_smile:


We have closed this ticket. Yes, your understanding is correct about MboxRD.

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